The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature

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Auteur / Author : Scheiner, C. J. [Clifford J.] (ed.)

Titre / Title : The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, vol. 1-2

Éditeur / Publisher : Barricade Books

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : New York

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1996

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : 1996

Période / Period : XXe siècle / 20th Century, (1990-1999)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 351, 233

Illustrateur / Illustrator :

Illustration :

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications :

Résumé / Summary : The two volumes contains excerpts from:

VOL. I. Sonetti Lussuriosi, Pietro Aretino; The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea, Nicholas Chorier; Fanny Hill, John Cleland; Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess, Alcide, Baron d'M*** (Alfred de Musset); Letters produced in the Divorce Case Cavendish v. Cavendish and de la Rochefoucault; Nunnery Tales; The Ups and Downs of Life, Captain Edward Sellon; Pauline the Prima Donna, (att. to) Wilhelmine Schroeder-Devrient; The Romance of Lust, William Potter and Friends; The Pearl; The Boudoir; The Autobiography of a Flea, Stanislas de Rhodes; My Secret Life, Walter; Parisian Frolics, Adolphe Belot; The Simple Tale of Susan Aked; Teleny, Oscar Wilde et al.; Lascivious Scenes in the Convent; Wide Open, Jem; The Initiation of Aurora Trill; The Confessions of Marie Carey, George Reginald Bacchus; The Romances of Blanche la Mare, George Reginald Bacchus; The Story of Nemesis Hunt, George Reginald Bacchus; Josefine Mutzenbacher, Felix Salten; Sadopaedia, J. P. Kirkwood; James Grunnert, Werner von Bleichroder (?); The Way of a Man with a Maid; Life on Board a Yacht.

VOL. II. My Life and Loves, Frank Harris; Immortalia, T. R. Smith (editor); The Erotic Professor; Gnishenka, Val Lewton; Crimson Hairs; The Altar of Venus; Two Flappers in Paris; Memoirs of a Girl Student; La Tarantula; M. Fontaine's Establishment; An Oxford Thesis on Love, Lupton Wilkinson; The Passionate Pedant, G. Legman et al.; The Oxford Professor, G. Legman et al; White Stains, Anaïs Nin and Friends; The Devil's Advocate, Robert Sewall; The Autobiography of a Flea 2, Paul Little; Henriette, Paul Little.

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