Strangest Sex Acts

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Auteur / Author : Bloch, Iwan, Dr., Introduction by Dr. Eulenburg, Albert

Titre / Title : Anthropological and Ethnological Studies in the Strangest Sex Acts in Modes of Love of All Races Illustrated. Oriental, Occidental, Savage, Civilized, vol. 2, translated from the German by Ernst Vogel: Beiträge zur Aetiologie der Psychopathia Sexualis

Éditeur / Publisher : Privately Issued by Subscription to Cultured Adults Only by Falstaff Press

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : New York

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1902-03, 1935 for the English translation

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : 1935

Période / Period : XXe siècle / 20th Century, (1900-1909), (1930-1939)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 208, 198, 48

Illustrateur / Illustrator : Artistes variés. / Various artists.

Illustration : 1 frontsipice N&B et 181 illustrations en violet. / 1 B&W frontsipiece and 181 illustrations printed in purple.

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications : Édition limitée. / Limited edition no 1917/3000 copies. "This work is printed on especially made and designed hand-finished paper; hand-set type on every page; hand-biding by expert craftsmen. The private cabinets have been reproduced from rare originals in international museums and galleries."

Notes: Three Scientific Works Bound in One Comprising: I. Anthropologia sexualis of the strangest violent sex acts of all races - II. Anthropologia sexualis of the most curious sex acts of all races - III. A private anthropological cabinet of 181 erotic curiosities, illustrating Dr. Iwan Bloch's Anthropologia Sexualis.

The first volume was translated as : Anthropological Studies in the Strange Sexual Practises in All Races of the World (Anthropological Press and Falstaff Press, New York, 1933, Translation by Keene Wallis).

Référence / Reference : KI : 572 B65a.

Résumé / Summary : Book I: 1. Root Secret of Sex Relations Between Man and Woman — Sciences of Sex. 2. Modes of Female Sex Domination — Modes of Male Conquest of Woman Among Primitive and Civilized Races. 3. Man and Woman and their Func­tions in Ideal Marriage. 4. Violent Sex Acts — Acts of Cruelty — Bloody Exhibitions as Sex Stimuli — Modern Pleasures in Strange Methods of Sex. 5. Brutal Sex Acts in Modes of Love of Savage and Civilized Men and Women. 6. Violent Sex Acts in War — Sadistic Sex Acts at Executions — Lust Murders. 7. Female Sadism in Racial Arts of Love — Violent Primitive Modes. 8. Cannibalistic Sex Acts — Violent Sex Techniques and Erotic Rites of Primitives. 9. Violent Racial Sex Acts — Sadistic Sex Acts in Hindu Modes of Love — Cruelty in Refinements of Love in India: Eight Forms — Hindu Sadistic Instruments. 10. Forms of Erotic Flagellation in Racial Modes of Love. 11. Uses of Flagellation in Primitive and Civilized Methods of Sex: Oriental — Occidental Lands. 12. Sects of Flagellants — Erotic Scourgers' Processions — Sex Flagellation Instruments. 13. Violent Forms of Sadism — Obscene Vocabularies and Erotographomania in Racial Modes of Sex. 14. Blasphemous Sex Acts and Practises. 15. Kleptomaniacal Acts and Sex — Theft and Fire as Aphrodisiacs. 16. Various Forms of Female Erotic Domination Over Man — Deloidaimonia. 17. Violent Female Sex Acts and Domination Among Savages and Primitives. 18. Erotic Methods of Male Domination in Orient — Curious Ways of Warrior-Woman. 19. Modern Woman Domination — Racial Modes in Sex Relations. 20. Sex Aggressiveness of Woman in Forms of Coitus Among Certain Races — New Love-Acts. 21. Torture Refinements in Sex Acts — Curious Contrivances. 22. Strange Masochistic Sex Relations and their Modes of Love.

Book II: 1. Curious Criminal Sex Acts. 2. Mixoscopy as a Sex Stimulant in Arts of Love. 3. The Most Curious Forms of Mixoscopic Sex Acts in Modes of Love of the Races of Mankind. 4. Curious Racial Uses of Erotic Perfumes in the Arts of Sex Attraction and Sex Seduction. 5. Food Erotics and Food Aphrodisiacs in Racial Modes of Sex — Most Curious Forms of Cunnilinctus in Different Lands of the World. 6. Coprolagnistic Sex Acts and Urolagnistic Practises — Erotic Haut Goût. 7. The Most Curious Scatologic Sex Acts in Oriental, Savage and Civilized Modes — Scatologica Erotica of All Nations. 8. Modes of Paidophilia Erotica in the East and in the West — Child Intercourse and Curious Gerontophilic Sex Acts Among Savage and Modern Peoples. 9. Curious Sex Relations Between Men and Women of Contrasting Races. 10. Strangest Forms of Incestuous Love in Classical, Oriental and Modern Nations. 11. Most Curious Racial Modes of Bestial Love — Strange Forbidden Sex Acts. 12. Anthropology of Necrophilic Sex Acts in War and Peace — Curious Mode of Necrophilic Love in Bombay — Most Amazing Sex Case Ever Recorded ! — Necrophilic Act of Hermaphrodite. 13. Strangest Sex Acts with Statues and Idols — Dendrophilic Sex Acts with Trees — Authentic Detailed Arts and Modes of Pygmalionistic Love. 14. Racial Forms of Exhibitionistic Sex Acts — Flagellation and Erotic Exposure. 15. Curious Sex Fetiches in Modes of Love — Queer Methods of Savages — Manias of Erotobibliophiles. 16. Modes and Erotic Techniques of Greater Fetichistic Sex-Love. 17. Erotic Uses of Dress and Nakedness in Arts of Love of Savage and Civilized Women. 18. Color Lures in the Arts of Sex Attraction — Curious Female Sex Devices. 19. Strangest Fabric Sex Stimulants in the Arts of Love — Practise of Frottage and Use of Retroussé — Diabolical Erotic Contrivances.

Book III: A Private Anthropological Cabinet of 181 EROTIC CURIOSITIES Illustrating Dr. Iwan Bloch's Anthropologia Sexualis including a Rare Section of 50 FETICHISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS AND SCENES Reproduced directly from Authentic Originals in the world famous collections of the Institute for Sexual Research, Vienna; Medical Division of Criminal Investigation, Berlin; Museum of Social Anthropology, Dresden; Institute of Anthropology, Paris; Society for Ethnological Research, London; Anthropological Press, New York.

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