Exhibition of Female Flagellants

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Auteur / Author : Anonyme, From the original editions collected by the late Buckle, Henry Thomas

Titre / Title : Exhibition of Female Flagellants in the Modest & Incontinent World, Proving from Indubitable Facts that number of Ladies take a secret Pleasure in whipping their own, and other Children committed to their care, and that their Passion for exercising and feeling the Pleasure of a Birch-Rod, upon Objects of their Choice of both Sexes, is to the full as Predominant as that of Mankind. Now First Published, from Authentic Anecdotes, French & English, found in a Lady's Cabinet, Part. 1 and Part. 2 Now First Published, from a Lady's Manuscript, and a number of letters sent to the Editor of the first part of the original work

Éditeur / Publisher : Sans nom

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : s.l.

Collection / Series : (Library Illustrative of Social Progress)

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1777, 1785

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : 19XX

Période / Period : XVIIIe siècle / 18th Century, (1750-1799)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 67, 84

Illustrateur / Illustrator :

Illustration :

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications : Couverture muette. / Unmarked cover.

Notes : According to Henry Spencer Ashbee, the texts published by J.C. Hotten for his Library Illustrative of Social Progress, in 1872, were originally published by G. Peacock around 1777. A text indicates the date 1761 on its title page, another 1785, so the true first publication date is uncertain.

Our copy is most probably a reprint from the early 20th c. and reproduce the original title page : "London, Printed for G[eorge] Peacock, No.66 Drury Lane".

Résumé / Summary :

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Part II of Exhibition of Female Flagellants in modern spelling in PDF format for sale at Eros-Thanatos

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Illustration provenant de l'édition par William Dugdale, 1860. / Illustration from William Dugdale's edition in 1860